Developing Technology Partnerships


Direct Technology Solutions (DTS) can support and implement Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems. We partner with Star2Star Communications to offer the best solutions for businesses of all sizes, offering the only VoIP phones with an end-to-end, fully managed and monitored system.

Benefits of switching to a VoIP phone system from Star2Star.

  • VoIP lines cost about half as much as conventional phone lines.
  • VoIP lines are virtual, not physical.
  • VoIP makes ie easy to unite satellite offices, mobile users, and work-at-home employees into a single system with a single dialing plan.

What’s different about Star2Star?

VoIP is all about standards. So how can one VoIP system be very different from the others? The Star2Star system is built using industry-standard components and protocols, and is fully standards compliant. But Star2Star employs an advanced system architecture that provides users with an end-to-end, fully managed and monitored system.

  • Star2Star customers deal with one provider, receive one monthly bill, and have one number to call for service

Type of phones offered from Star2Star

Star2Star offers a broad selection of desktop IP phones from Cisco, Polycom, and Snom. You can mix and match phones from all three manufacturers on the same Star2Star system.

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